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LightSpeed Miracle Center is the first Mission Critical Office Facility in South Florida. The project is a new category of real estate that finally enables businesses to locate people and critical IT equipment within the same building. Located in Coral Gables, the corporate capital of the Americas - home to world-class restaurants, hotels, shopping and international business - the Miracle Center is quickly becoming one of the most prominent technology addresses in Miami.

Designed to meet the evolving real estate needs of enterprises and service providers, LightSpeed Miracle Center combines the comfort and convenience of premium office space with the reliability, redundancy, security and connectivity typically associated with a world-class telecom project. The LightSpeed Miracle Center is the first office building in South Florida to have BellSouth Multi-Media Internet Exchange (MIX) connectivity and a Technology Ecosystem of service providers. Miracle Center tenants enjoy: (1) unparalleled reliability, security and protection from disaster; (2) control over critical business systems and documents; (3) operational and financial efficiencies through shared office and data center resources; and (4) the ability to locate non-revenue generating functions and equipment away from headquarter facilities.

Target uses include Latin American/South Florida headquarters, outsourced support departments (Information Technology, Accounting, Human Resources, Administration), disaster recovery hot-sites, network operation centers, trading exchanges, software and multimedia developers, financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms, service professionals and more.

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